1. ‘Tis the Season!

Spring is in the air whether you’re inside or outside. Having an indoor plant can help you enjoy the season and many varieties bloom multiple times a year. That’s like having three seasons of tasteful decorating all in one flowerpot!

  1. It’s Easy.

The trick to caring for any living thing is to know what it likes. Once you are familiar with your little green guest you’ll know how to keep it happy. For most plants it’s a matter of soil, sun, and water. If you’re not sure, contact your local garden supply store or look it up here.

  1. They are Good for Your Health

Indoor plants are like fresh air factories. They boost oxygen levels, filter and reduce toxins, absorb dust, and help keep necessary moisture in the air. I’m breathing easier just thinking about it.

4. They are Good for Your Mind

Studies suggest that being near a plant can have a positive effect on your mind. Benefits might include lower stress, stronger processing skills, more positive mood, and greater creativity. Don’t believe it? Check out this article from Psychology Today.

5.  It’s Relational

No, you’re African Violet is never going to fetch your slippers, but it does change and react to the environment. Plants go through cycles of growing and wilting, budding and blooming, dropping leaves and putting on fresh ones. This gives us humans an opportunity to relate to what goes on in the world. That little sprout in the corner is a tangible living thing and its needs are more real than the characters on TV. Caring for a houseplant keeps us well-practiced at observing needs and nurturing new life.

A Final Word

Now that you’re excited to go out and pick up an indoor plant of your own, there’s one more thing you should do: shop a little first. Make sure you’re getting a plant that makes sense for you. Some houseplants can be toxic to cats and dogs, and people for that matter. If you often entertain four-legged friends (crawling toddlers included!) make sure that your plant is safe for accidental consumption, or at least is kept well away from animals and young children.

Common and safe plants include:

Christmas Cactus, African Violet, Spider Plant, Prayer Plant, Cast-Iron Plant, Most Orchids, Gerbera Daisy