Fasting for a Lasting Change


Fasting is a new dieting buzzword, but it has its roots in Christian spirituality. Inspired by Jesus’s forty days in the desert, Christians spend forty days of reflection and repentance commemorating the death and resurrection of Jesus. This season of Lent begins on Ash Wednesday, which falls on March 2nd this year. Lent is observed [...]

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Love Your Heart


Show your heart some love this February with five simple habits. The good news is, you are probably already doing some of them! Deep Breathing Healthy breathing means activating your diaphragm, a set of muscles in your abdomen. Practice healthy breathing by lying down on a flat surface. Put one hand on your chest and [...]

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Best FOOT Forward


The most common cold-related injuries can be prevented by thinking about your feet. Slips and falls are common in icy conditions, but so are conditions like chilblains and trenchfoot. Before you go outside, consider what’s ON, AROUND, and UNDER your foot: What’s ON Your Foot: If you’re going outside in the cold, it’s important to [...]

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Pass the Pumpkin!


This year when you carve your pumpkin you can also plan a menu. Discard the goopy, seedy insides of the pumpkin and save the flesh. Peel and chop the pieces into small chunks. Boil or bake the pumpkin until soft and able to mash. You could make a classic pumpkin pie, or try some [...]

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An Apple A Day


The season for apples is fast approaching. This delicious fruit was first grown in Central Asia, then spread to Europe. When Europeans came to the Americas, they brought the apple with them. Since then it has become a key element in American culture, from Johnny Appleseed to apple pie, a gift for the teacher and [...]

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Learn at Every Age


Youngsters everywhere are preparing to go back to school. But learning is not only for the young. Research shows that our brains continue to be flexible and take in new information throughout our lives. “As we age, we should pick up different tasks, skills and hobbies,” says Sister Janet Marie Bagniewski, FSE, RN. There is no [...]

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Hold on to Your Hat!


One of the simplest things to keep you cool and healthy this summer is to wear a hat. Whether you're out for a walk, watching a baseball game in the park, or just spending time in the yard, a hat is good for all occasions. There are five major health benefits to wearing hats in [...]

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5 Reasons to Choose Home Care


1. Individual Attention At a facility, caregivers are responsible for taking care of numerous patients at a time. With in-home care, the client is given one-on-one care. This allows for more time to build trust and understanding between the client and the aide. 2. No hidden fees Nursing care facilities often charge an extra fee [...]

5 Reasons to Choose Home Care2021-05-19T16:31:15-04:00

Keep Outdoor Allergens Outdoors


More flowering plants means more allergens in the air. But spring doesn’t have to be a season of suffering. Here are five quick and easy things you can do to relieve your allergy symptoms at home and still enjoy the warmer weather. Have Separate Indoor and Outdoor Attire Having allergies doesn’t mean you have to [...]

Keep Outdoor Allergens Outdoors2021-04-21T16:30:01-04:00

More Love in Your Life


Valentine’s Day comes and goes but love is an everyday part of our lives. It takes many shapes depending on the relationships that we share with others. In English we use the blanket term “love”, but every relationship is different. This February, recognize and spread the love in these different ways: Affection for Family [...]

More Love in Your Life2021-02-12T14:45:01-05:00
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