A Habit of Hope


Hope: to cherish a desire with anticipation: to want something to happen or be true. Habit: an acquired mode of behavior that has become nearly involuntary. (Merriam-Webster) Building a habit of being hopeful takes time. Here are some small steps that could lead to a happier, more hopeful outlook. Every Day is a New Day [...]

A Habit of Hope2021-01-22T15:34:19-05:00

Fewer Gadgets, More Memories


Social distancing doesn’t have to be the end of Christmas as we know it. Yes, changes will need to happen but we can still feel the love of our friends and family. This doesn’t mean dragging everyone into a “zoom” call, either. Here are six great tech-free ideas to feel close to those you love. [...]

Fewer Gadgets, More Memories2020-12-09T16:26:15-05:00

Technology and Home Healthcare


Just fifty years ago there was no way to “go see a doctor” without going down to his office and seeing him face-to-face. Today healthcare depends more and more on communication technology to unite patients with their doctors. Home healthcare workers, too, use assistive technology to bring professional care into the homes of patients in [...]

Technology and Home Healthcare2020-08-19T15:32:55-04:00

How to Stay Hydrated


July is Connecticut’s hottest month, averaging 85 degrees. It is important to stay hydrated whether you are inside or outside. Dehydration means that your body is losing more water than it is taking in. Although drinking water is the obvious solution to dehydration it is not the only solution. Here are five creative ways to [...]

How to Stay Hydrated2020-07-08T15:39:28-04:00

5 Edible Patio Plants


June is a great time to add these colorful and flavorful plants to your patio, deck, or backyard garden. Not only will they brighten up your outdoor space, they will brighten up your mealtimes too! Recipes abound for every one of these plants, all you need is a little imagination. Pansy The prolific pansy is [...]

5 Edible Patio Plants2020-06-03T15:29:40-04:00

Mom Was Right!


Growing up, it always seemed that mom knew the answer to everything. Her love and wisdom was shared through classic one-liners that every child or teenager hears at some point. These pieces of advice stick with us long into adulthood and they get truer as we get older. Here are seven quotes that you might [...]

Mom Was Right!2020-05-01T14:08:20-04:00

Breakdown of the Coronavirus


President Franklin D. Roosevelt famously said “the greatest thing to fear is fear itself!”. These words are just as poignant today as they were in 1933. One way to overcome our fears of illness is to demystify the virus and know how to prevent its spread. A recent study in the New England Journal [...]

Breakdown of the Coronavirus2020-04-01T16:01:44-04:00

Handling Hardship with Perspective, Community and Hope


No matter where we are in the world today we are all connected by human experience. We have all felt fear and loneliness, loss and abandonment. When these feelings start to be overwhelming it is time to stop and re-assess the situation. It’s not enough to simply say “it could be worse” with false optimism. [...]

Handling Hardship with Perspective, Community and Hope2020-03-18T15:52:55-04:00

Senses and Memory


This past Super Bowl there was an ad that featured an elderly man remembering particular moments in his marriage. We shared the man’s precious memories and mourned his wife’s death with him in the space of twenty seconds. It was a surprisingly touching moment in the midst of nail-biting sports action. It was a good [...]

Senses and Memory2020-02-21T15:44:20-05:00
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