Caregiver Meriden CT: Make the Holidays Inclusive for Elderly Relatives

Caregiver Meriden CT: Make the Holidays Inclusive for Elderly Relatives

Winter holidays are the time of year where everyone enjoys getting together with friends and family to enjoy good food, entertainment and laughter. For elderly adults with health and mobility issues, it often means feeling left out of family parties and community events that celebrate the holidays. Despite the challenges associated with getting elderly adults around safely and comfortably in the winter months, it’s worth the effort to make their holidays joyous.

Identify Senior-friendly Activities and Events

Sometimes, holiday family traditions involve strenuous activity, extensive travel or other factors that are not very senior friendly. Examples include sledding, cutting down a Christmas tree and ice skating. Of course, these activities are not appropriate for elderly relatives who depend on family caregivers and home care providers to help them with daily tasks. However, chances are that families have plenty of traditions and activities that are ideal for elderly adults to participate.

Some excellent senior-friendly holiday events include a family potluck party, Christmas craft fair, tree-lighting ceremony, and Christmas concert. More intimate activities include baking cookies, listening to Christmas music, hosting a Christmas movie party and writing Christmas cards. The best holiday activities are those that bring generations together, so family caregivers should focus on events that allow grandchildren and grandparents to bond.

Plan the Logistics

Getting an elderly adult from one place to another during winter weather and with holiday crowds can be tricky, especially if they are not very mobile. Home care providers and family caregivers should set aside plenty of time for getting ready and traveling to the destination. Home care providers can also make sure the aging adults are dressed appropriately and have all the medicines and extras that the senior needs when they’ll be away from home for a little while. With a strong support group, elderly adults can tackle any type of outing and find success.

Make Memories Together

Many seniors feel a little down during the holidays, as this time of year brings up a lot of bittersweet memories. It’s common for them to have feelings of loss and loneliness during the holidays. Family caregivers that want to boot their aging relative’s spirits can get them involved in creating new memories that will bring them joy.

Family members can ask seniors about some of the traditions they did as a child. It’s also fun to look at photo albums that show some of the holiday celebrations they once had. Family caregivers can also document current celebrations with the aging the activities via photo and video, then give the aging adult some of the pictures to look at later. For seniors who don’t want to be alone during the holidays, it’s never too late to start new traditions.

The holidays can be a very fun time for aging adults, but they need the help of their family and friends to make it truly special. Instead of focusing on all the challenges that they face, seniors can overcome them long enough to have some holiday fun.

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