When you’re out of balance and not doing what you need to do for yourself, it’s difficult for you to keep up with what you need socially. Everyone needs that social component to be met and if you’re not having that part of your life met, you’re likely seeing repercussions for that every day. It can leave you feeling stressed and unable to cope, which is dangerous as a caregiver.

Do the Things You Enjoy Doing

It can be tough as a family caregiver to remember a time when you did things you enjoy doing more regularly. Try making a list of all of the activities that you used to enjoy. From there, you can start to make a plan to incorporate more of these activities that you love into your daily and weekly activities.

Take a Break from Doing Anything

Often being a caregiver means that you’re frankly just doing too much, all the way around. Try taking a break in which you don’t do anything. This might mean that you end up napping, reading, or doing something else and that’s okay. The key here is that you’re not planning or forcing yourself to do anything specific.

Find or Renew Your Connection with Friends

How long has it been since you reached out and talked with friends and other people you care about? Look for ways to renew those connections and to reestablish any relationships that have fallen by the wayside. You’ll start to build a community for yourself again that you can count on when you’re in need of companionship.

Strive for Balance in Your life

Feeling worn out and out of place can arise easily when everything in your life is out of balance. Finding a balancing point between caregiving and your social needs can help you to maintain a more even experience in your life. It’s never healthy to skew your life entirely in one direction or another. This is why taking breaks from caregiving and having help are so vitally important.

Take the time to evaluate your own social needs and look for ways that you can improve your own situation. Isolation is just as bad for you as it is for your aging adult.

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