Caregivers in Southington CT

Are you constantly worn out? Do you feel like you never have enough energy to get through the day? Maybe you’re not sleeping as well as you would like. Maybe you’re getting a full night’s sleep. Maybe you’re sleeping in every day. Still, you never seem to be able to have the energy you use to have.

It’s not just aging.

Yes, like everyone else around you, you’re getting older. However, that doesn’t mean it’s the natural process of aging for you that’s causing this constant exhaustion. You might be a family caregiver. If you are, you’re probably dealing with a tremendous amount of stress and anxiety.

That stress and anxiety is more likely causing this exhaustion. How could that be? Well, if you are under a tremendous amount of stress, you might not be sleeping well. You might have many thoughts traveling through your mind when you are settling down for sleep at night.

This is keeping you from falling into a good sleep. Even if you’re able to manage some kind of sleep, you probably wake up several times during the night and your thoughts begin swirling around those issues you can’t seem to resolve.

You need help.

So what kind of help can you consider? Some people might assume it’s best to go to their doctor for some prescription medications, but that may not be necessary. You need to find a way to alleviate the stress you feel as a family caregiver. So, have you ever thought about home care services?

Hiring a home care aide may be the best option at this point in your life. You can still be there for your elderly loved one, with a home care aide, whom you can hire through an agency for just two hours a day once or twice a week to start, you will be able to focus on yourself, get things done that need to get done, exercise, eat healthy, and spend more quality time with those other individuals who also matter greatly to you.

You can ask for help from family and friends.

Your family and friends are there for you. If they don’t step up to help, you won’t be able to alleviate any of that stress you feel at the moment. That’s why home care is a great option to consider.

Ultimately, know and understand, and accept your limitations.

If you don’t set limits, you will push way beyond them and that’s where stress is going to take a serious toll on your life. That will probably lead to an increased amount of exhaustion.

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