As a family caregiver, you want to make sure your aging parent is happy and healthy. However, as their health declines, they need you more and more for help with daily tasks, companionship and even entertainment. One of the best forms of entertainment is via reading books, but many seniors struggle to do that.

If your aging mom or dad used to read a lot but can no longer do so in comfort, consider getting them hooked onto audiobooks. June is Audiobook Appreciation Month, which means there’s no better time to explore the options and help your mom or dad re-discover their love of books.

What are Audiobooks?

Audio books are just what their name sounds like—recordings of professional actors reading books of all types. From classics to new releases, audio books allow people to listen to the story instead of reading it. Audio books are ideal for many elderly adults because they often struggle with poor vision, lack of focus, and boredom.

How Do You Get Audiobooks?

There are numerous ways that you can get audiobooks for your elderly parent. Using a computer or smartphone, you can visit websites or download numerous apps that allow access to thousands of titles. Some have a subscription service charge while others are free.

For more free options, check out the local library. They will usually carry thousands of titles on CDs and many now offer digital streaming that you “check out” and “return” online. Your aging parent can select which titles they are interested with help from you, a senior care provider or other family member. Once they get the hang of it, they can set up the books themselves.

Are There Benefits to Audiobooks?

Audio books are especially beneficial to elderly adults that struggle to read traditional books. With audiobooks, seniors can be entertained by listening to world-class stories read by excellent actors that bring the stories to life. In many cases, audio books can help seniors engage more completely with the story and are more entertaining than simply reading. Studies show that being read to is soothing and a good stress reliever, as well.

Audiobooks are especially good for elderly adults that are bedridden. When confined to bed, such as with a chronic illness or after surgery, there’s only so much they can do to entertain themselves. Elder care providers can converse for a while and television may do for a while, but with endless stories in audiobooks, seniors can spend hours and hours being entertained.

Celebrate Audiobook Appreciation Month

During Audiobook Appreciation Month, you and your aging mom or dad can dive into audio books and discover all the advantages they provide. Figure out the best way for you and your elderly parent to access audiobooks and get started right away.


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