Arthritis is a common condition, affecting about 50 million people in the United States having one of the more than 100 kinds of arthritis. Some people have only mild symptoms, but others have symptoms that are much more severe, and may even cause disability. Elder care can be an excellent way to help seniors with arthritis to manage their pain, make lifestyle changes that can ease symptoms, and move around safely when aching joints pose a fall risk. Here are just a few of the ways an elder care provider can assist your aging family member with arthritis.

Lending an Arm

Elder care can help seniors to walk safely and reduce the risk of falling. Painful joints may make an older adult move differently, which could lead to a fall. An elder care provider can offer an arm to lean on to help keep the senior steady. If painful knees make going up and down stairs difficult, an elder care provider’s supportive arm can make it a little less painful.

Help with Doctor-Prescribed Weight Loss

When a person is overweight, the excess weight places stress on the joints. Losing some weight can put less pressure on the joints. An elder care provider can encourage a senior during a weight loss journey that their doctor has recommended. Elder care providers can cook healthy meals that can aid in weight loss. They can also go assist with exercise by going for walks with the senior, driving them to fitness classes, or simply watching over them while they exercise so that they feel safe.

Help Using Heat and Cold for Pain Relief

Warmth and cold can help ease some of the pain caused by arthritis. An elder care provider can help prepare hot and cold packs and assist the senior to apply them. Warm showers and baths can also be soothing. An elder care provider can assist the older adult to get safely in and out of the bath or shower.

Offer Medication Reminders

The doctor may suggest medications to keep arthritis pain under control. Sometimes seniors have memory problems that cause them to forget when to take medicine or whether they have already taken it. An elder care provider can remind seniors to take their medicine and ensure they don’t accidentally take it twice.

Transportation to Medical Appointments

Managing arthritis can require frequent visits to the doctor. However, for seniors who no longer drive, getting to the doctor can be difficult. An elder care provider can drive the older adult to the doctor’s office and back home. They can also attend the appointment with the senior, which may make them feel more comfortable. The elder care provider can also listen to what the doctor has to say and report any changes to family caregivers.


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