Elder Care in Middletown CT: Seven Clear Signs That Your Parent Needs Elder Care Services

Elder Care in Middletown CT: Seven Clear Signs That Your Parent Needs Elder Care Services

Elder care services may not be something your mom or dad wants. The question is do they need the help? There is a level of pride that keeps seniors from admitting when daily activities of living are too hard to manage alone.

While your parent may be hesitant to admit elder care services are necessary, there comes a point when care is needed. Here are seven clear signs that your parent needs a caregiver.

The Diet Has Changed and Not for the Better

Seniors should focus their diet on whole grains, plenty of fruits and vegetables, lots of water, and lean meats and seafood. What is your parent eating? Is your mom cooking less often? Does she eat mostly frozen dinners or frozen pizza? Is your dad leaning towards canned soups that he heats up in the microwave? If your parent isn’t cooking meals, elder care services can help.

Social Activities Have Stopped

Your parent no longer goes out with friends. Since your mom or dad stopped driving, they’re homebound. There’s no socializing with neighbors or long-time friends. Your parent stays inside all day. You’re worried that loneliness is a problem.

Grooming is Lacking

Your parent struggles with grooming. Hair doesn’t get styled. Your dad doesn’t bother shaving. You’re not sure your parent is brushing and flossing the teeth. Nails grow too long. Those are all signs that grooming and personal care are something your parent finds difficult.

The Kitchen is Unsanitary

During your last visit, you noticed that dirty dishes had stacked up in the sink and on counters. The fridge was full of outdated and moldy food. There are insects in the flour and cornmeal. Your parent isn’t cleaning the house. This can lead to noxious odors and increase the risk of food poisoning.

Prescriptions Aren’t Taken Properly

Your parent forgets to take daily medications. Some days, your mom or dad forgets that medications have already been taken. You’re worried about improper dosages. Elder care services include medication reminders.

Floors and Sofa Are Covered in Dust, Dirt, and Pet Hair

From the look of things, your parent hasn’t swept or vacuumed in months. There is pet hair, dust, and dirt everywhere. You see crumbs all over the floors. Pet hair is getting all over clothes and into the foods and drinks your parent brings into the living room.

The Doctor Says No More Driving

Your parent has been given the order to hand over the keys. Whether is slowed reaction times or worsening vision, your parent can’t drive. You can’t always be there to drive them to stores, friends’ houses, and local businesses.

Caregivers do offer transportation services as part of an elder care plan. They can also help with the other struggles like cleaning the house, cooking nutritious meals, and keeping the kitchen clean. Laundry, socialization, and medication reminders are also popular elder care options. Call us today to get started.

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