Elderly Care in Cromwell CT: Can Your Aging Adult Combat Loneliness if it's Difficult for Her to Get Around Easily?

Elderly Care in Cromwell CT: Can Your Aging Adult Combat Loneliness if it’s Difficult for Her to Get Around Easily?

Social isolation and loneliness can be an extremely painful problem for your aging adult to deal with, especially if she’s dealing with mobility problems and other health issues. But there are some things you can do to help your senior to socialize a little more.

Invite People to Stop By, Within Reason

Having people stop by might be the easiest answer for this situation. The big problem, however, is that you don’t want to overwhelm your senior. An easy way to resolve this is to set up a calendar that family members can access online. Otherwise, you might want to set up a system where people who want to visit can call you or your elderly family member and check availability rather than just dropping in without warning.

Make Use of Online Support Groups

Depending on your senior’s current health situation, she may be dealing with illnesses or health conditions that make her feel self-conscious. One way around that is to “meet” other people dealing with the same health conditions. Look for online support groups that she can join so that she can get the comfort that she’s seeking.

Encourage Other Forms of Communication

If your senior is open to the idea of using technology, then video conferencing, emailing, and using social media can all be a great way for her to stay in touch with other family members. Of course, “snail mail” and other more traditional forms of communication are also fabulous options. Your senior might enjoy corresponding with pen pals, either from around the country or even around the world.

Hire Elderly Care Providers

Having elderly care providers on hand is an excellent way to provide your senior with some companionship when mobility is a problem for her. They offer friendship in the first place, but they are also experienced in helping your elderly family member with her mobility concerns. Your senior may find that she’s more comfortable getting out more often when she has elderly care providers with her that she can trust.

Look for Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering is a wonderful way for your senior to find ways to contribute to the community, even if it’s difficult for her to be as active as she wants to be. Some types of volunteer activities might involve making phone calls or addressing envelopes for an organization. Your elderly family member might even be able to host a volunteer event at her home and meet new people.

Battling through loneliness doesn’t mean that your senior has to be as mobile as she was in the past. Many situations and people can come to her instead, which can be a more relaxing way for her to socialize with other people.

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