Elderly Care Meriden CT: Senior Pet Adoption

Elderly Care Meriden CT: Senior Pet Adoption

Something to consider this month during Adopt a Senior Pet Month might be whether your elderly family member would enjoy having a pet. Whether she’s had pets in the past or this would be her first pet, there are lots of reasons to seriously consider this idea.

She Wants Companionship

Older pets, unlike puppies and kittens, are a little more ready to offer pure companionship to your aging family member. They’re not as likely to run around getting into things, which can be irritating for some older adults. Instead, they may be more amenable to being lap pets and spending their time lavishing attention on your aging family member.

She Has Support

Having a pet is a lot easier for your elderly family member to experience if she has support. You and other family members may be able to take over much of the heavy lifting that comes with having a pet, such as cleaning out litter boxes. It also helps if you have specific support for her, such as having elderly care providers helping with household tasks or cooking. This enables her to spend her energy where she prefers to spend it.

She Needs to Be More Active

Some aging adults need the motivation to be more active and their own health isn’t always a powerful motivator. Having a dog that needs a walk once a day or a cat that enjoys a bit of toy chasing can be an encouraging force for your elderly family member to get up and move a little. You might even find that a senior who has become more of a couch potato could find it entertaining to follow her pet around more often.

She Wants to Feel More Connected

Pets connect their owners to the rest of the world. Other people who have pets are now people with whom your senior have things in common. Having a pet also means that she’s more likely to go to a veterinarian’s office, pet store, and other places in which “pet people” are likely to be. This gives her a way to connect with others.

Pets, even older pets, can bring so much joy into the life of your aging family member. It’s worth taking the time to find out if there are any older pets in your area with which your elderly family member might forge a bond. Your senior might surprise you with her response to having a new furry friend.

Excerpt: You might not realize it, but adopting a pet can do so much to bring new life into your senior’s daily routine.

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