Giving up driving may be one of those things that your elderly family member never expected that she would have to do. Now that the time has come, she may be having some trouble with the mental and emotional fallout from no longer being a driver.

Keep Alternative Arrangements Easy for Her to Access

The easier it is for your elderly family member to obtain a ride when she needs and wants one, the more likely she’s going to be to use those alternate arrangements. Neighbors and family members who live close by are excellent options, especially if your elderly family member is extremely spontaneous. Another really great idea is to have home care providers available with your senior. Then if she wants to go somewhere, someone is right there with her.

Encourage Her to Stay Active

Your elderly family member might look at not driving any longer as a reason to give up some of her activities. This can lead to some other, negative responses, such as isolating herself more. Instead, encourage her to keep doing the activities that she enjoys. Staying as active as she can is healthy for her and allows her to keep her life as normal as possible.

Help Her Find a Counselor or Therapist

There are a lot more emotions wrapped up in giving up driving than you or even your elderly family member might suspect. Having someone to talk to, such as a counselor or a therapist, can really help her to unpack all of those feelings and sort through them. She can learn how to cope with how no longer driving has changed her life and what she can look forward to in the future. Support groups for other aging adults who no longer drive may also be a good idea.

Look for Ways to Bring More of Life to Her

With the technological advances that are available now, there are more and more ways to bring life to your elderly family member. Grocery delivery can save her so much time and energy and most of those providers will bring in the groceries and help your senior unload them. Many pharmacies offer prescription delivery and agencies that help the elderly can run errands for your senior.

Ignoring the problem doesn’t help it go away. Your elderly family member can adjust to no longer driving, but it needs to be a proactive and positive experience to do her the most good.

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