Caregivers tend to have one of two reactions about respite time. Either they don’t believe that it’s something that they need to worry about or they understand how effective a tool it can be. If you’re not already part of the latter group, you might want to shift your perspective.

You Can’t Sustain 24/7 Caregiving

At first it might seem as if you can handle anything that caregiving throws your way. But as time and your responsibilities wear on, it becomes difficult to handle that much all at once. It’s not a pace that you can keep up with in the long term, either. You have to be able to take breaks now and again and respite care allows you that opportunity.

You’re More than a Caregiver

Being a caregiver is definitely important, but you’re more than just a caregiver. You might be a spouse, an employee, a boss, and a parent, too. All of these different identities require different responses from you. In fact, some of your different identities might require your time and attention at different levels. This means you might need someone to fill in for you as a caregiver while you meet other obligations.

Your Health Is Important, Too

Many caregivers ignore their own health needs in favor of taking care of their aging adult. This happens because they want to do the best that they can for their aging adult. What they end up overlooking, however, is that they are putting themselves into a bad situation. If your health fails, you can’t continue to be a caregiver. For that reason alone, you have to prioritize your own health.

There Are Times You Might Just Want to Be Alone

At different times, you may want to simply spend some time either alone or with friends or other family members. It’s difficult to do that when you’re spending all of your time and energy being a caregiver. This doesn’t mean that you don’t want to be a caregiver, it means that you’re human and that you need time away now and again. Having respite support allows you to take that time when you need it.

Having home care providers on hand when you need time away can give you an incredible amount of peace of mind. It’s much easier to focus on other needs when you know that your elderly family member is being cared for appropriately.

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