More flowering plants means more allergens in the air. But spring doesn’t have to be a season of suffering. Here are five quick and easy things you can do to relieve your allergy symptoms at home and still enjoy the warmer weather.

  1. Have Separate Indoor and Outdoor Attire

Having allergies doesn’t mean you have to stay indoors all the time. Continue to enjoy long walks and trips outside. When you come home, change out of your outdoor shoes and jacket, which may be carrying pollen and dust. Also, change your mask! Consider using only disposable masks for outdoor use, or make a habit of always washing your mask as soon as you are home.

  1. Do Light Cleaning Frequently

“Light Cleaning” means dusting, wiping common surfaces and keeping your home neat. When you dust and wipe surfaces it collects and removes allergens from settling in. This should be done daily or twice daily to be effective against allergens. Take extra time on your doorways as these are the places where unwanted particles are likely to enter.

  1. Clean Window and Door Screens

If you absolutely must open your windows, be sure that your window sills and screens are clean. Screens help to keep bugs and other undesirables from entering your home. They can also become gathering places for dust and pollen, which can make their way inside your house. Wipe your screens with a damp cloth, and while you’re at it, give the whole window sill and frame a scrubbing, too. You’ll be glad you did!

  1. Change and Monitor Your Air Filters

Home air conditioners have air filters that can be cleaned or replaced. Most manufacturers suggest replacing or cleaning your air filter every month that the unit is in use. Check the instruction manual or manufacturer’s website for cleaning instructions or directions to order a replacement.

  1. Clean Your Car

On average, Americans spend over 8 hours a week behind the wheel of a car. Every time you open or close a door, allergens can come in and get trapped inside. Use a damp cloth to wipe down your steering console, dashboard, and every other part of the interior that you and your passengers regularly come in contact with. Also, be sure to check the filters on your car’s air conditioner. You might be bringing in unhealthy air without even knowing it.

With these simple solutions you may experience more relief from your seasonal allergies. If you need help keeping your home clean this spring, consider hiring a homemaker to assist you. Whether you or a loved one need help with light cleaning once a week, or daily assistance with meals, laundry, and shopping, we are happy to help. Call 203-630-2881 or find out more about homemakers here.