Senior Care in Cheshire CT: Making your Parent’s Home Safe

Senior Care in Cheshire CT: Making your Parent’s Home Safe

Whether your parent has sustained an injury, an illness that has left their mobility altered, or you are taking precautionary measures to prevent a fall, making your parent’s home a safe environment is of tremendous value to them. It helps them maintain what sense of independence they can while at the same time minimizing the chance of a fall and further disability.

There are specific steps you can take to ensure you’ve covered “the bases” and made their home as easy to navigate and thrive in as possible.

Tripping and Slipping Hazards

Be sure to take a fresh look at their home and identify any hazards that may be blocking paths, stairways or entranceways. These would include throw rugs which can be slipping hazards or wires that cross pathways which could be tripping hazards. Move any furniture whose corners may be encroaching on frequently traversed areas.

Remove any wax from floors as well as any clutter in the living spaces. Place non-skid pads in the shower and by the sinks. Install grab bars in the shower as well as by the toilet.


Good, strong lighting can make all the difference to an elderly person whose eyesight may be waning. Make sure that all areas where your parent spends a good deal of reading or doing close-up work has a focused light with a lampshade. Consider installing motion sensor lights and nightlights in strategic areas such as the bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. Make sure stairways are well lit. In addition, check that there are banisters on each side for grabbing onto. For those parent’s having difficulty with stairs, you may need to invest in a stair lift or consider moving their bedroom to the first floor.

Making Life Easier

If arthritis is affecting your parent, you may need to replace door knobs with lever door handles to make it easier for them to navigate through their home. If your parent has diminished eyesight, make objects stand out by using contrasting colors. Paint trim around doors with a color that contrasts to the door itself. Do the same with window frames and at the edges of stairs. Make sure that windows are easy to open.

Rearrange their kitchen area so that the items they use the most are within easy grasp. If you’re concerned that they may leave the stove on accidentally, consider installing a stove motion sensor designed to automatically turn the stove off if motion is not detected within a certain time frame.

Senior Care Provider

There is, of course, nothing that ensures safety as much as an extra set of eyes and hands. A senior care provider can assist with the daily activities of living as well as help your parent navigate through their home. They can prepare healthy meals and provide transportation. At times, the highlight for your parent is the companionship they provide, an important aspect of life that may be lessening as your parent ages.

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