Senior Care in Meriden CT

Senior Care in Meriden CTMild cognitive impairment is defined as mental decline that is noticeable by the person experiencing it and by those around them, but it is not sufficient enough to interfere with daily life. MCI does increase the risk of developing a form of dementia such as Alzheimer’s. Knowing what changes and signs to be aware of can help you and yours take action to slow down its progression. Not all cases get worse, and some even resolve themselves.

Signs of Cognitive Decline

The first sign of MCI is memory impairment. You find your parent forgetting appointments and recent events. They may hesitate in mid-conversation, searching for the right word or forget what they were talking about. The only type of memory affected is short-term. Long-term memory regarding years-past or even a month ago will still be maintained. Thinking skills may also be affected. They may lose track of time or the next step needed to complete a task. They may become disoriented in places that they have been to many times before. Making a decision can become increasingly difficult. Mild mood changes may become apparent. They may show signs of increasing irritability, anxiety or apathy.

Minimize the Risk

There are certain lifestyle changes that are recommended that may help slow the progression of MCI. Incorporate at least 30 minutes of exercise into your parent’s daily schedule. Walking allows for easy access and gets them outside and into the sunshine for some vitamin D. If they are experiencing painful joints, consider exercises that limit stress on this aspect of the body, such as swimming, water aerobics, stationary bicycles, tai chi or yoga. In addition to exercise, maintain a healthy cardiovascular system, which includes blood vessels in the brain, by not smoking, providing them with food that is health conscious, whole and nutrient dense. Foods good for the brain include blueberries, seeds, nuts, salmon and avocado.

Certain diseases have been linked to MCI. If your parent has diabetes or high blood pressure, be sure they maintain both blood sugar levels and blood pressure at the correct level through diet and exercise.

Elder care providers can help you care for the one you love, ensuring they receive the good, healthy meals they need to thrive. They can accompany them on daily walks or put in a tape and perform yoga in the living room. They provide the companionship and caring so essential to the health and well-being of your parent.

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