Is it Alzheimer’s Disease or Something Else?

You’ve been checking in on your mother for a few weeks. During the past year, you’ve noticed things changing with her mental capabilities. She has seemed to be more forgetful at times, and then at other times seems completely lucid. You haven’t quite been sure what to make of it, and the term Alzheimer’s has been floating around in the back of your mind.

Senior Care in Meriden CT: Is it Alzheimer's Disease or Something Else??

Senior Care in Meriden CT: Is it Alzheimer’s Disease or Something Else??

It’s absolutely essential that any senior who may be dealing with certain symptoms that may indicate dementia of any kind visit with their doctor. Only a trained, licensed medical professional can help with something of this magnitude.

If you’re not quite sure whether it’s the natural process of aging that is causing the issues you’re recognizing with your mother or not, here are some early signs of Alzheimer’s.

Using the wrong word.

If you notice your mother is using the wrong word when speaking to you, and is not aware she’s doing it, this could be an early sign or symptom of Alzheimer’s disease. It could also be something else, but having difficulty with vocabulary is something to take seriously, especially at her advanced age.

Forgetting appointments.

Most of us have forgotten appointments from time to time. However, we also developed a habit of writing things down and keeping track of them a little bit better as we get older. If your mother is suddenly forgetting about a doctor’s appointment, to go to the eye doctor, or even forgetting to take certain prescription medications, that’s a sign that she’s having memory related problems.

It could be due to medications or some other health issue, but it can also be an early sign of Alzheimer’s or some other form of dementia.

Not remembering conversations.

You just talked to your mother the previous day, if she has no recollection about the conversation. It can certainly be frustrating for you, but it may also be a sign of Alzheimer’s.

Getting agitated.

If your mother seems to be getting agitated more frequently lately, it could be due to the frustration of having difficulty keeping track of things, remembering things, or living uncomfortably.

When people are dealing with the earliest symptoms of Alzheimer’s, they may exhibit some frustration. Think about the last time you had difficulty keeping track of things, forgetting where you put your car keys, or missing appointments.

You may have been angry with yourself. Your mother may be dealing with those same emotions, but magnified more greatly.

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