During the summer months it can be hard to stay active and stay out of the heat. There are a lot of creative ways to make the most of your day, even if you’re indoors. Try these different activities that challenge all kinds of skill sets.

The Competitor

Exercise your competitive streak by transforming popular summer yard games into living-room-friendly competitions: bocce ball with golf or ping pong balls, balloon volleyball, cornhole with balled up socks and a bowl or cup.  Invent some unique rules to add a fun spin, like whoever pops the balloon owes everyone an ice-cream cone.

The Artist / Writer

Flip through a newspaper or book and randomly pick out 3-5 words or phrases. Taking as long as you want create a drawing, story or poem that uses all of your random selections.  Share your creation with someone and invite them to try it.

The Puzzler

Puzzles are an excellent way to exercise your brain. Most people have a stack of neglected jigsaw puzzles, so now would be a great time to pull one out. You can also stimulate your problem-solving genius by: working on a crossword puzzle or Sudoku, re-arranging a cluttered drawer, organizing your books or movies alphabetically, or solving a riddle. For some fun, quick riddles, see https://www.riddles.com/short-riddles

The Performer

Whether you’re a singer, lip-sync master, musician, air-guitarist, or dancer, you can flavor this one with your own personal flair. Pull out your favorite album or cue it on your playlist and get performing! Turn it into a game by awarding points for lyrics known, best impression, creativity, and use of props. You’ll have a lot of fun and a lot of laughs!

Remember, the best part of all these activities is to share them with someone else. Challenge your friends, create a writing circle, or race against the clock to see who can solve a 1000 piece puzzle first. It’s a fantastic way to fill those summer days with great memories.