Elder Care in North Haven CT: Does Your Loved One Have Walking Pneumonia?

When your loved one is suddenly diagnosed with walking pneumonia, you might be confused at first. Walking pneumonia often appears to be a bad cold, so learning that it’s something bigger than that is a little scary. Managing walking pneumonia isn’t as difficult as it seems, though.

Why Call it Walking Pneumonia?

Walking pneumonia is a much milder form of pneumonia. That doesn’t make it less dangerous or any more fun for your loved one, though. It’s usually referred to as walking pneumonia because your loved one likely thinks she just has a stubborn cold and she’s probably still “walking around” trying to do everything that she usually does.

It’s Extremely Dangerous

This type of pneumonia is dangerous for your loved one and for other people with whom she can come in contact. Other people who are susceptible to lung diseases can easily catch pneumonia from your loved one since it’s highly contagious. Also, if your loved one doesn’t realize that she’s dealing with something stronger than the average cold, she might not get the help that she needs until she’s extremely sick.

Your Loved One Can Relapse

Walking pneumonia is a tricky condition. It can really stick with your loved one and it’s easy for her to relapse and get sick again. This is especially true if she already has lung issues, such as COPD or asthma. Your loved one needs to stick with the course of treatment prescribed by her doctor, even if she’s feeling better before she runs out of medications.

Preventing Pneumonia for Your Loved One

Preventing pneumonia isn’t completely foolproof, but there are some things you can do to help make prevention more likely. Washing your hands and your loved one’s hands often helps quite a bit. So do immune-boosting activities such as eating a healthy diet, getting enough sleep, and exercising.

If your loved one is feeling weaker than usual or her walking pneumonia is hanging on for a while, you might want to consider hiring elder care providers when you can’t be there. They can check on your loved one and make sure she’s got everything she needs in order to heal.

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